Intro to Bovine

Nature’s Perfect Superfood

Much like humans, cows (bovine) produce colostrum. Newborn calves receive protective proteins and other nutrients directly from their mother’s colostrum in the days following birth, giving them what they need to survive and thrive. Interestingly, research has shown that colostrum from dairy cows can play an important role in supporting human health.

While it may be surprising to hear that cow colostrum is beneficial for human health, there are a few reasons why. Unlike humans, cows are unable to pass key immune factors and other beneficial nutrients from mother to fetus during pregnancy – when a calf is born, it is completely dependent on its mother’s colostrum for these essential nutrients. Thus, cow colostrum contains a higher concentration of many key immune factors and other beneficial nutrients than human colostrum.

The History Behind Colostrum from Cows

Colostrum has been used by many different cultures throughout history and has been the object of human study for centuries. The knowledge surrounding colostrum has seen a long journey, and its use cases continue to expand.

In India, colostrum has been used within Ayurveda, spiritual ritual and medical procedures since the domestication of cows. It has been used in India to help support immune function and prevent illness. Similarly, in the western world, the use of colostrum dates back to the 18th century, with its primary use being support of the immune system.

In the 19th century, western physicians began to leverage colostrum’s antibacterial properties and it was widely used in the fight against bacterial diseases until the development of penicillin. In the 1950s, Dr. Albert Sabin — father of the polio vaccine — observed that cow colostrum contained antibodies against polio virus, resulting in the recommendation of its use in therapy for children at risk of contracting polio.

Today, we know colostrum is incredibly beneficial, not only to newborns, but to people of all ages. From improving gut health to strengthening the immune system, colostrum from cows has become a sought-after substance. We have reached new heights in medical advancement and are able to create reliable products with bovine colostrum as a key component for successful therapeutic use in humans.