How Colostrum
Can Help

Benefits and Claims

From childhood nutrition to ensuring health throughout adulthood, colostrum provides important nutrients that aid in proper development and maintaining many aspects of human health. Though we as humans only receive colostrum from our mothers at birth, we are now able to supplement with colostrum from cows. With components highly similar to that of human colostrum, cow colostrum can be used to enhance human health and wellness.

Beneficial for All Stages of Life

Colostrum from cows has been studied in a wide range of health areas in people of all ages, including:

One of the primary functions of colostrum is supporting gut health. Colostrum helps support optimal digestive health through the following actions:

  • Helps support an environment where good bacteria can flourish
  • Helps support a healthy microbiome balance
  • Helps balance immune response, beneficial for sustaining good gut health
  • Helps restore normal gut function
  • Helps support gut lining integrity
  • Helps maintain gut permeability and barrier function

Some of colostrum’s most well-known benefits center around the health of the immune system, though it is important to understand that colostrum is not just an immune booster, it is an immune modulator. While we often think of an immune response as a good thing, sometimes our immune system can go into overdrive and overreact which can have unwanted side effects like inflammation, swelling, and rashes. Colostrum can help modulate the body’s natural immune response – up or down – in whatever way the body needs.

  • Can help boost the body’s natural immune response to battle infection
  • Balances immune response, beneficial for sustaining good health.
  • Supports and helps regulate the body’s natural immune responses.

Colostrum contains a number of different components that may help support skin health. Initial studies have shown that the immune and growth factors found in colostrum may help:

  • Supports healthy skin cell development and regeneration
  • Helps regulate an exaggerated immune response in sensitive skin

Colostrum performs several functions which makes its use a beneficial addition to any athlete’s nutritional regimen.

  • Helps to counter athletic immune suppression
  • Helps support the natural healing of athletic-induced gut injuries
  • Helps stimulate the body’s protein synthesis and soft tissue repair

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of bovine colostrum in human health